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Ich möchte hier regelmäßig über meinen Erfahrungen als Coach, Beraterin und Trainerin berichten. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Kommentare um so mit Ihnen in virtuell in Kontakt  zu treten.  Wenn Sie Ideen für einen Beitrag haben, den Sie sich von mir wünschen, schreiben Sie mir auch gern eine Nachricht. 

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A different way of looking at things

How quickly we get used to new situations! For almost two years now, we have been working mainly in a home office. We meet our colleagues in the breakout room instead of the kitchenette. And we learn almost exclusively digitally in virtual space. We have found ways to meet, communicate and exchange without being present in the same room. And we find it quite normal now.
When I started working on New Learning in 2017, it wasn’t a given. How do I learn and teach in a virtual space without a physical presence? How can I activate people and motivate them to interact when I might not even see them?
In my search for new approaches, I unexpectedly met very special experts - at the Bildungswerk für Blinde in Nuremberg. The teachers and students there explained to me what is important ifwe cannot communicate with all five senses,  that one can compensate for the lack of presence with compensatory strategies, which redundancy means are necessary to ensure the transfer of information and that we need more time to process information when one channel is missing. 
I was very impressed how people with severe disabilities, had so much experience in a field that I was just painstakingly acquiring.
I learned a lot from them. Especially this: Finding new perspectives means seeing the world with different eyes. Or in this case - not seeing it.  For that, you need people who are different from us.   
Meet them here: #DiversityStoriesThatMatter


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